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For remixes (many free downloads) check The Remix tab

Please read this before you start remixing

For non-commercial ( = non-profit) use only & credit me for the vocals
Use the acapella for example for:
* a remix that you’re spreading as a free download to reach more listeners
* a remix that people can download when they join your mailinglist or vote for you in a contest
* upload your remix to YouTube to promote your free download link, or a link to a site with more of your music, e.g. iTunes. Just don’t put any adsense or other ads in it, it should be about promoting your music.

Credit The Entranced for the vocals
The only thing I ask in return is that you credit me for the vocals: include The Entranced as featured artist or call it your remix of my track.

Let me help you promote your remix
I’d love to hear your remix! Post it on my facebook page: The Entranced on Facebook, or send me a link with your remix or share it with me on SoundCloud.

I can repost/add your upload to playlists at:
* The Entranced (remixed) on SoundCloud
* The Entranced YouTube channel
>> YouTube will probably also add your video to the The Entranced Topic channel if you use the same title and spell my name right (I have no control over that, it’s generated automatically by YouTube).

If you prefer commercial use
If you want to use your remix in a commercial setting (e.g. sell or license your remix), then use the contact form to mail me for sample clearance. Tell me what you are planning to do with the song and what kind of deal you have in mind. If you’ve already made the remix, then please add a link to the song in which you are using this vocal. Then we can work something out that works for the both of us.

Free a cappella downloads for your remix

A cappellas in wave format:

Free acapella downloads by The Entranced

A cappellas in nearly any format except wave:

Please note that I revised the acapellas of Live Your Dream and Losing You with Melodyne, to make sure the pitch and timing are OK, so they may sound a little different from the vocals in my Live Your Dream/ Total Confusion/Losing You release. Check the remixes by Robits.N (in the Trance Remixes player on the Remixes tab or on the Listen music tab) to hear them in a track.


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