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[Free DL 128 kbps] = Free download for everyone, 128 kb per second MP3*
[Fan DL 320 kbps] = Free download for mail list subscribers, 320 kb per second MP3**

*The first player has all music, the second player has all the free downloads.
**If you’d like to join the mail list to get the fan downloads, click download in the top right player.
More music & free downloads on the Remix tab and on the DJ Sets tab.


Links to music pages from artists I’ve collaborated with:
Alexander James on ReverbNation
MarkieGee official website
Static Insane on SoundCloud
TheCOPY21 official website
XIAN on SoundCloud
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DJ Sets

Use the arrow buttons at each side in the middle to choose a mix. After you’ve pressed play, you’ll see a timestamped playlist for the mix. During playback, click the little arrow at the top left corner to get a list of mixes. Get free downloads of The Entranced DJ Mixes here The Entranced’s Cloudcasts …

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Vocal Trance, Dance & House Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists with songs (mainly radio edits) I recommend or that inspired me. They are all mixtures of easygoing trance, progressive house and dance tracks with vocals. Vocal Trance / Dance / House playlist: Female Vocal Trance / Dance / House playlist: Male Vocal Trance / Dance / House playlist: Energy / Tech / Hard …

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The Entranced - Free Downloads new

New uplifting vocal trance songs & free downloads

Hi Everyone, I’ve got some new free downloads for you! There are also some new songs up on all the major streaming services and download portals that contain my vocals. Several of these released songs are also available as free downloads, either as a separate song or as part of a mix.  Comments

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Out Now: Nothing Wrong

Hi everyone, After quite some time I’ve finally got a new release! It’s a happy dance song called “Nothing Wrong”. This time I didn’t do the vocals on it, they were written and performed by a very talented male vocalist, who prefers to stay anonymous, so that’s why there’s no featured artist. The track starts …

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